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Bay Gallery Home
One Market Place
Tel. 07776 157 066


United Kingdom

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Bay Gallery Home's wallpapers, tiles and rugs embodies Art in the everyday. Drawing upon British manufacturing, applying translations of authentic Central Australian Aboriginal artwork to interior surface and accessories.

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My Country, Green Wallpaper

This world exclusive 'My Country' wallpaper is based on Australian Aboriginal paintings. The wallpaper depicts the Australian outback, the bush medicine and bush tucker. The Green wallpaper...

My Country, Pink Wallpaper

This world exclusive My Country wallpaper is based on Australian Aboriginal paintings. The wallpaper depicts the Australian outback, bush medicine and bush tucker. The Pink wallpaper is the lan...

My Country, Blue Wallpaper

This world exclusive My Country wallpaper is based on Australian Aboriginal paintings. The wallpaper depicts the Australian outback, bush medicine and bush tucker. The Blue wallpaper is Kangaro...

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Carpets & Carpet Tiles | Tiles & Tiling | Wall Coverings

Press Releases:

Dec 19, 2016

My Country: Design with Origin

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Bay Gallery Home's relationship with the Central Australian Aboriginal artists is one of trust, founded on respect for their heritage and contemporary way of life. My Country was therefore created with the utmost consideration for codes of conduct and spiritual sensibilities. Due to the meaning and importance of every element in the artworks, we enlist state of the art techniques to ensure the detailed quality of each piece is preserved in the design process.
The artists we represent are remunerated for the original purchase of artwork and receive a percentage of the interiors sale - a unique secondary income stream that has direct bearing on the mobility, educational and work opportunities of often isolated communities.
By exposing the culture to a broader international audience, My Country contributes to the debate about archaeology, horticulture, botany, anthropology and the preservation of ancient & indigenous cultures.
A true embodiment of Art in the everyday, this design iteration provides us with opportunity to share in the artists' worldview whilst affoming it.
Bay Gallery Home collaborates exclusively with British manufacturers, including the likes of Johnson Tiles, the Rug Maker, Anstey Wallpaper and The Fine Wooden Article Company.
My Country is sold exclusively through www.baygalleryhome.com and www.eporta.com. O'Brien, founder of Bay Home Gallery:
"The use of this intricate art for products such as wallpaper and tiles hos never been explored before. Each interior product is a unique work of art in itself. It's a glimpse into their world that many people don't get the privilege to see, a glimpse of their beliefs and their spirituality. All of this is conveyed through their art, each piece hos its own story, and so the collection hod to be exactly right for it to work."
Harry Foster, Specialist Products Manager at Johnson Tiles:
"Our Artile service was truly challenged by this commission because we weren't iust recapturing on image but a culture, a history, and all of its folklore and traditions. Using traditional lithography techniques combined with our state of the art technology and high-res scanning process, we were able to accurately match every detail and colour of the paintings."
Eleanor Whiston, Eporta.com:
"We were delighted to discover the pieces that Boy Gallery Home offers and the talent of the Australian Aboriginal artists they work with. As we see more interior designers moving away from using iust one style and in turn using more statement pieces, it is very exciting to work with a studio who offer such pieces with a strong story and meaning behind them."
Surface Design
Surface Design will take place 7-9 February 2017 at the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London, N 1 OQH, UK. For more information, please visit www.surfacedesignshow.co.uk
For all press enquires regarding Surface Design, please contact maxine@informare.co.uk
or +44 (0)7939574424.

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