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Surface Spotlight: Post Show Trend Report Part One - Surfaces

14/03/2016 08:10:25

Welcome to part one of our post show trend report. In this edition we focus on key colour, texture and material directions from Surface Design Show 2016, the home of innovative surfaces for architects and designers. Here are some highlights from the show that relate to emerging design directions, particularly exciting for interiors and exteriors. Sally Angharad reports.

Colour Shifts: Manufacturing Processes Create Blurred Patterns 

Mundy Veneer


Eden Anglo French

Bold stripes and chevrons appeared on surfaces with a twist, where the production process causes the patterns to distort. Bright accent colours as well as black and white complemented this abstract approach, to what would usually be a clean graphic pattern. This process was particularly popular in veneers, with Mundy Veneer and Eden Anglo French both presenting a variety of designs. Rug-Maker also showcased techniques that matched the trend, with Bauhaus inspired flatwoven Gelims designed and coloured by designer Ptolemy Mann; these rugs are visually soft and feathery yet contained within strong colourfields.

Elementary Shapes: Geometric Repeats Explore Triangles and Quadrilaterals

Solomon and Wu

Rupert Bevan

Mathematical elements informed a variety of two-dimensional surface patterns, arranged in bold irregular repeats adding a real sense of depth. Solomon and Wu’s polished resin and metal surface begged a closer look with precise angles creating a relief effect while Rupert Bevan’s brass cladding was patinated to different shades to create a vintage geometric look and feel. For flooring, Loloey presented a collection of tufted rugs contrasting the soft texture underfoot with clean shapes and dark outlines.

Marbled Effects: Super Smooth Surfaces Feature Irregular Patterning

Solomon and Wu

Solomon and Wu

Rupert Bevan

Artisanal and expressive techniques inspired surface patterning this year, directing a freehand style to decoration. Reminiscent of marble, colour was inherent to the materials by Solomon and Wu, with pouring techniques used to mix colours and create irregular results. Polished to a high standard, the super smooth finish of the material balances the haphazard patterning. This striking contrast could also be seen at Rupert Bevan’s stand, where treated mirrors with marble-like patterns in a matt finish contrasted the reflective background.

Textile Craft: Wall Treatments Use Woven, Pleated and Appliqué Techniques

TTM Rossi


Pintark by Loco Design

A return to craft is key for surface trends in 2016 and beyond, seen in surfaces that reinterpreted traditional textile techniques. Woven metal mesh materials by TTM Rossi were on display in copper and brass tones, easily bent and formed into the desired shape for walls, ceilings and curtains. Delicate and precise pleats were also new, with Altfield presenting an intricate wallcovering in a suede effect finish. Luxurious materials continued with Pintark by Loco Design showcasing a variety of leather wall panels that had been stitched, quilted and appliquéd to create the ultimate blend of quality, decoration and texture.

3D Effects: Carving Techniques Inspire Textural Patterns within Surfaces


Heliot and Co.

Graphic Relief

Exhibitors continued to explore the potential of relief effects to add texture and pattern within a monotone surface. Carving techniques clearly inspired a variety of materials this year including Amarestone’s limestone surfaces featuring Aztec like patterns with accuracy. Exploring the possibilities of Jesmonite Heliot and Co. have created a new 3D tile using an intricate mould. Using a sandblasting technique this typically smooth surface had a rougher finish. Graphic Relief presented concrete surfaces made using a casting process where even the finest of details could be seen, with shaded areas etched into the moulded surface.

Keep an eye out for part two of our Post Show Report, which will follow in the coming weeks, and will focus on the innovative lighting at Light School 2016. 


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