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Surface Spotlight: Surface Spotlight Live

06/01/2016 08:10:25

Happy 2016! Helping get your batteries recharged and inspire you for the year ahead Surface Design Show will be presenting Surface Spotlight Live, showcasing innovative and eye-catching materials for Health + Wellbeing (media partner Healthcare Design & Management Magazine) and Retail Design (sponsored by Concord). Our inspirational sample bank we will be looking at the effects of colour, texture and finish to evoke positive experiences. Read on for highlights from the final selection, giving you a taster of the materials making up this year’s Future Thinking. Sally Angharad reports. Click here to register to attend for free.

Make It Your Own: Surfaces use Modular Shapes to Create Endless Patterns for Retail Design

Evan James Design

Giles Miller Studio

Grestec Tiles

Consumer experience is a key factor in Retail Design and so our focus is turning to how personalised pattern can be used to create unique and memorable spaces. The exciting possibilities of customisation are driving surface design, particular key for retail environments where decorative walls become a focal point for brands to express their identity. Evan James Design (stand no. 1C/7) emulates a woven structure in pure birch plywood, featuring crafted laser cut shapes that can be removed and repositioned to create a new narrative each time. The triangular Marsden tile by Giles Miller Studio is available in ceramic, timber or Jesmonite where both pattern and imagery, including logos, can be 'drawn' into the surface. Also using a single repeated shape is Grestec Tiles (stand no. 200), with four exciting formats that allow for creative customisation and coordination to offer endless laying possibilities.

Naturally Uplifting: Texture and Colour Bring the Outside Inside for Health + Wellbeing 

Bright Green

Nora Flooring Systems UK

Stephanie Tudor

Nature never goes out of style and the lasting trend for bringing the outside in is encouraging more considered surface designs for Health + Wellbeing. Materials that enhance organic matter or even replicate particular aesthetic qualities of natural world are being developed with calming and reassuring environments in mind. Bright Green (stand no. 624) pioneered the concept of moss walls after exploring how greenery indoors can reduce levels of stress and absenteeism, turning real preserved moss into contemporary interior panels. Driven by elements found in nature, Noraplan® Valua is a new rubber floor covering from Nora Flooring Systems UK (stand no.240) presented in a soothing colour palette that is comforting on the eye as well as underfoot. Stephanie Tudor’s textural surfaces also harness the calming properties of nature, with smooth channelled designs inspired by layers of sediment for interior and exterior applications that are engaging and uplifting.

Colourful Moods: The Immersive Effects of Colour & Light used to Enhance Interior Spaces


Anna Glasbrook

As immersive design within interiors gains momentum surfaces are not always what they appear, as we see a new wave of illusory and captivating aesthetics for Retail Design and Health + Wellbeing. Exploring the positive effects of colour and light on our mood new materials find innovative ways to introduce these key elements into interior spaces. Lumiscopic (stand no. IC/1) is presenting its light responsive materials at the show, which use innovative film finishes on one-sided textured acrylic. The dichroic acrylics change colour depending on viewing angle and can be illuminated to project a spectrum of vibrant hues in retail environments. For Health + Wellbeing Anna Glasbrook has developed an illuminated surface through innovative technique and material; her Blok glass designs use live-edge translucent materials to enhance mood by emitting bright colour without an integral light source.

A Luxurious Look: Decorative Patterns and Metallic Surfaces bring Opulence to Retail Design

Heliot & Co.

Pintark by Loco Design

ALUPHANT by Euramax

Beautiful and decorative materials within Retail Design create an opulent mood and the latest trend for luxurious details sees the skill of technique celebrated. Surface designs are exploring ways of adding a touch of luxury in the most tasteful of ways with metallic surfaces enhanced through intricate details. The Heliot & Co. (stand no. IC/3) etched mirror panels use laser etching to create subtle imagery and pattern that brings a decorative edge to a functional piece within retail. Pintark by Loco Design (stand no. 414) offer a contemporary twist to classic geometric patterns with leathers and metal details skillfully combined in geometric shapes for wall treatments in commercial spaces. Presenting a new exciting material for interior retail design is Aluphant by Euramax (stand no. 168) who created a custom decor finish for luxury brand Longchamp. The shimmering white-coated brand logo appears on a mirror finish aluminium surface, bringing an exclusive look that reflects Longchamp’s identity. 

Softly Spoken: Materials Blur Boundaries between Hard and Soft using 3D Structures

Acoustic GRG Products

Anna Gravelle Textile Design   


Exploring the senses, sound absorbing materials are getting in tune with the next direction for more tactile and visually engaging surfaces, key for both Retail Design and Health + Wellbeing. The three-dimensional possibilities of acoustic panels give scope to explore multisensory design trends while at the same time offering something highly practical for the user. Acoustic GRG (stand no. 128) has developed an undulating thermoplastic sound diffusor that offers ways to reduce reverberation without the need for fibrous absorbing materials. Also begging a closer look, Anna Gravelle Textile Design’s products work as art pieces or all over wall panels creating tactile surfaces that are comforting to touch and gentle on the eye. In keeping with its environmentally friendly brand Soundtect (stand no. 410) have developed Forest; using recycled polyester the product reduces excessive noise and improves speech intelligibility, which is aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly hard working.

Click here to register to attend for free.


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