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Surface Spotlight: Post Show Trend Report 2015

30/03/2015 00:00:00

Surface Design Show is the only trade event in the UK to focus solely on interior and exterior surfaces, exploring the most innovative, sustainable and remarkable surface designs, materials and lighting currently available on the market. Here we unveil noteworthy surface trends from this year’s show, highlighting key developments in the industry in terms of colour, texture, pattern and finish. Sally Angharad reports.

Softly Does It: Quilted Effects Bring Tactility To Acoustic Panels


Cliq Design




Acoustic GRG Products

This year saw creative developments in acoustic panels with quilted effects adding tactility to these practical solutions. Padded, stitched and embossed effects enhanced surface qualities, bringing a sense of comfort and depth. Cliq Designs presented a collection of panels celebrated as ‘art with function’ using quilting skills to turn a technical solution into a piece of stand-alone artwork. Acoustic GRG Products Ltd also explored stitch for its sound absorbing wool panels, with curved shapes that enhance the softness of the product. As the trend for tactile illusions progresses, surfaces also imitate quilted effects such as the 3D panels from Dynamic Cork® at Studiotex Ltd, which use natural cork for its excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties.

Organic Curves: Solid Materials Achieve Flexibility & Depth


James Latham


Surface Innovation+Design



Both natural and man-made materials are exploring new dimensions, presenting surface that can be curved and shaped to create three-dimensional offerings. James Latham’s HIGH-MACS® Solid Surface collection continues to inspire, now showing its ability to become a more prominent aspect of any interior by thermoforming the material to create an undulating façade. In terms of natural materials designers are creating super thin profiles such as Surface Innovation & Design’s real slate veneer that is split into extremely thin sheets making it flexible and lightweight. Also playing with rounded shapes was Decodesk with its latest modular polymer units that create three-dimensional patterns for walls, intermixing flat and relief shapes to create a soft and fluid aesthetic.


Shine A Light: Materials Interact With Light In Creative Ways


Louis Poulsen


Translucent Creations 


James Latham

Lighting continues to play a key role on the impact of colour and texture within a scheme and this year saw the conversation between surface and light reach new levels. Exhibiting as part of Light School, Louis Poulsen presented new colours for the Collage light fixture. Layered patterns created from cut-out acrylic sheets evoke a diaphanous look and feel. Translucent Creations, on display on the Materials Council stand, presented Amberlite – Faux Backlit Onyx, which has the appearance of natural stone but offers greater design flexibility and comes to life when backlit. James Latham launched the ingenious Luminoso wood panels, using fibre optics that allow natural or artificial light to be transmitted but when the panel is unlit it appears to be a solid piece of wood.


Aged Effects: Surface Finishes Emulate Weathered Metals


Cameleo Coatings 


Stucco Pompeji


Ceramiche Caesar S.p.A

The natural world inspires surface finish as well as the materials used. With a raw aesthetic driving techniques we discover new aged metallic effects for surfaces. Inspired by the weathering of metals Cameleo Coatings presented a range of coatings for walls that achieve a natural aged look with metallic details coming through that enhance the depth of the effect. Stucco Pompeji were also inspired by age-old materials, creating a rustic plaster coating achieved through the process of application that reflects the warmth gold with the a more burnished look. Digitally pressed techniques were used by Ceramiche Caesar S.p.A to introduce decorative patterns to the Trace porcelain stoneware collection, which enhanced the oxidised metal effect.

Line Work: Intricate Patterns Add Depth To Hard Materials




Blueprint Ceramics


Reed Harris Architectural  

Graphic and geometric patterns also made an appearance this year, creating the illusion of depth on solid surfcaes. Concreate®, known for its strong yet lightweight concrete flooring, presented panels that reveal the colour beneath the polished surface through a series of interlocking routed lines. Each panel neatly comes together with no transition gap for a seamless look. BluePrint Ceramics explored the aesthetic by using printed patterns on porcelain tiles with random movements created through fine lines. On the SCIN stand Reed Harris Architectural played with angular lines on its timber porcelain tiles, using varying widths to create an eclectic look created by the renowned Italian designer Diego Grandi.

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